Adopting the timeskip, the two are offered to still go along quite well and you may are often viewed along with her

Adopting the timeskip, the two are offered to still go along quite well and you may are often viewed along with her

If you are requiring Fukaboshi to create all of those other staff securely back into brand new palace throughout hostage transactions, the woman is the first that Zoro says. Within the Punk Issues, she reveals matter having your delivering cool when he chooses to just take his jacket off. Robin is seen being very pleased by Zoro’s increased power and you may skills into one or more affair. She seems to extremely have confidence in him typically, since the she try shocked that the swordsman was not capable of making quick really works of Pica about Dressrosa Arch. Whenever Viola informs their throughout the Zoro’s propose to stop Doflamingo’s Birdcage along side Den Den Mushi, Robin is not astonished he’d build such as a notion, leaving comments “exactly how very such as for instance him”. Regarding Zou Arch, Robin suggests she really thinking Zoro’s viewpoint when she asks your when they will be loose time waiting for Kin’emon and you will Kanjuro to catch upwards on them and you may she observe his decision when he urai. This indicates one Robin observes Zoro because leader when Luffy is not to.

Robin is quite near to Nami and sometimes uses time having the lady, such as shopping when they have time, and talking with one another.

Whenever she basic joined the brand new crew, Nami initial distrusted this lady, but she are influenced from the a case regarding jewels that Robin took from Crocodile. She sympathizes which have Nami’s frustrations at men staff members’ dumb antics, however, does not get distressed in the them. Nami is one of the Straw Hat members really upset in the Robin’s just take at the hands of CP9, and has worked tirelessly to track down Robin as well as embraced her tearfully that have Chopper once they performed.

Following Robin joined the new team, Nami started initially to take a look at Robin similar to a massive brother yet both of them has actually motherly instincts towards the Chopper and you may Momonosuke.


Usopp try needless to say skeptical out of Robin in the beginning, due to this lady employed by Baroque Really works. When he requested just what Robin centered on and she replied “assassinations”, Usopp is actually terrified and advised Luffy you to definitely she is also harmful. Although not, when he noticed the fun facet of Robin’s Devil Fruit, the guy forgot their concern about the woman and got with each other better together.

Robin will not normally respond to Usopp’s acts of cowardice and usually will play it well want it never taken place. Nevertheless, Usopp cares on the Robin’s better-becoming and was indeed snap this site, the one who eliminated the girl from becoming taken from Enies Reception to help you Marineford within the guise regarding Sogeking and he maintained to encourage Robin to own believe in others and by herself. It actually was after that incredible save your self you to definitely Robin ceased speaing frankly about him because the “Nose-kun” and only, “Usopp”.

Adopting the timeskip, he could be shown to get on much better and Usopp are don’t unnerved because of the their and work out morbid statements across the fate out-of destroyed crewmates. They work along with her inside the a more beneficial styles. Of a lot samples of this are seen inside Punk Possibilities Arch, in which Usopp unhesitatingly sent this lady and Luffy once they was in fact immobilized because of the ocean. From inside the Dressrosa Arch, Robin place the lady believe from inside the Usopp to keep the girl away from are a toy and you will try happy to look for your break through and you can save this lady.


Sanji always flirts with Robin, as he really does having Nami. He had been the initial affiliate (leaving out Luffy) to just accept the girl among the crew. Sanji relates to this lady due to the fact ‘a faraway, elderly beauty than Nami’, but really calls the woman “Robin-chan” (versus “Nami-san”) which has an even more childish element, the actual fact that this woman is avove the age of your. He plus means the lady since the “Robin-chwan” in some instances, however, Robin, in the place of Nami, tolerates his improves and generally speaking responds which have politeness. Whenever she was initially pulled for the staff, Robin did not even attempt to secure Sanji’s believe, because of their obvious exhaustion for women. Sanji food Robin a bit in different ways out-of Nami, knowing the woman is capable maintain herself, but the guy really does value the woman during the battle and will nonetheless plunge to help you her save your self whenever she is at risk (such when Gecko Moria took their shade). Even after Robin presumably betrayed the new team, Sanji is the first in order to forgive Robin, even before training as to why Robin performed exactly what she did, and you can pursued the lady as opposed to concern. Sanji didn’t forgive Wanze otherwise Jabra having talking unwell out of Robin and you can violently overcome her or him one another upwards for it.