Despite their have a tendency to controversial relationshp, it is shown that they enjoys a unique bond

Despite their have a tendency to controversial relationshp, it is shown that they enjoys a unique bond

Cleo discovers Khensu mundane and you can irritable every so often if you are Khensu, at the same time, is usually highly upset in the Cleo’s impulsiveness, recklessness, and refusal to listen. The 2 seem to are in disagreement along, however they finish to your an excellent terms again once Cleo acknowledges to help you the girl mistakes and you may Khensu, consequently, excuses the lady steps. During the Cleo’s start in the future, of course, if she are impression homesick otherwise out-of-place, she often confided during the Khensu, who upcoming cheer the woman right up. In Wednesday, he also ran as much as so that this lady so you can pet your (even after exactly how much he despises undergoing treatment including a domestic cat). Khensu is even naturally protective away from the girl, once the evidenced in my Pharaoh Female in which he let slip that he don’t require Cleo to face set for Yosira due so you’re able to how hazardous it might be on her behalf. Likewise, Cleo also offers revealed an intense compassion to have Khensu once the viewed during the Quarantine. Though Khensu does not constantly faith Cleo’s judgment, he nonetheless thinks within her future as galaxy’s saving grace and you can thereby allows this lady to take charge after state requires they, actually showing a determination to check out this lady requests.


On show, Callie, a well-known woman in the Academy which have a loyal set of family relations, and you can Cleo enjoys a continuing rivalry, leading them to dislike both. Cleo also calls Callie this lady “archnemesis” from the event “Clubbing.” They name each other names, that have Callie providing Cleo nicknames for every single other and you will Cleo going a comparable Callie’s choices makes Cleo believe she is the fresh spy resulting in havoc throughout the Academy [3] , leading the girl when deciding to take drastic measures, and invading their personal room. Cleo are within the impact you to she’s got “proof” you to definitely Callie are a beneficial spy into the Octavian and you can notices being an effective companion given that the greatest excuse to ascertain the case. That it ends up as a ruse and you can she understands her impression try completely wrong.

Immediately after Cleo saves her regarding an intellectual-managed Zedge about event “Uncertainty,” Callie acknowledges she is furious since Cleo is doing better than this lady, and that works from the expectations of their parents, to make their “lookup bad” (deterioration her reputation on school) and you may feels jealous. ” The latter is likely relating to the newest Zero Technology Time. At the conclusion of the brand new episode “Uncertainty,” the 2 sing a duet in addition to Zedge and his awesome ring after admitting it “hate” both.

Cleo upcoming says one Callie was “big during the everything,” supposed further than their previous compliment (calling the girl tall and athletic), they digit-hit, and Cleo identifies her since the a great “companion

In “My Pharaoh Female,” Callie will continue to work sassy, undertaking a tune at “auditions” for a beneficial “play” apply of the Yosira (in reality a good ruse) with her posse. She only interacts together briefly in “Double.” When you find yourself Cleo has been annoyed by their, she hugs Callie regarding the arcade shortly after stating this lady has went back to “regular,” alarming an annoyed Callie. When you look at the “Cyrano”, Callie ribs Akila and you can Cleo, especially when she believes that Brian (subject to Cyrano) was chill and no expanded their friend.

On the episode “Savior”, Callie try proven to be into the a bar developed by Cleo for college students to train its attacking knowledge. At the end of brand new event, she captures and saves Cleo regarding dying, claiming the woman is now “the new savior.” They gently rib each other a short while later, and you will exchange warm looks on the one another. Regarding adopting the event, “Females Nights”, she is sold with Akila, Khepra, and you can Cleo on the arcade. She is apparently much warmer with Cleo with this event.