She nods, flicking the rest of the water off of her hands before turning around

She nods, flicking the rest of the water off of her hands before turning around

“Thank you for today.” He tells her, mumbling the words into her head. Its then that she notices how close they are to each other, faces practically touching each others.

Y/N breaks eye contact, she barely knew Harry, and she certainly wasnt absolutely certain on how he felt about her. She didnt want to be someone he just slept with, so she clears her throat and turns to grab another cupcake, quickly stuffing her face into it. Harry lets out a small laugh at her flustered action before grabbing one for himself.

The clock is hitting 9:49, only 11 minutes left until Y/N can go home. She sighs, tucking a stray piece of hair behind her ear. Shes dismissed al of the other workers, and all she has left to do is wait 11 minutes before locking up the doors and leaving.

Even more

Harrys been the only thing on her mind all day. Every time she looks at the cupcakes in the clear display case, she cant help but think of his horrible frosting skills. And every time she beats another egg into her butter-sugar mixture to make chocolate chip cookies, she thinks of Harrys playful stories he told to fill the silence.

She smiles, silently laughing at her own thoughts before she hears the door jingle and snaps her eyes to the front of the bakery. She sees the silhouette of a figure in a black coat, and assumes its another customer coming in before closing, but shes shocked to see that its Harry, snow melting in his pretty brown hair with a smile on his soft face.

Y/N smiles, stepping forward to wrap her arms around his neck and give him a hug. Even though she hadnt known him for long, she missed him more than she was supposed to, and she didnt know whether or not that was a good thing.

The next night, Harry drops by again, this time 30 minutes before closing. They roam around the kitchen, attempting to make a quick batch of cookies, but end up staying till later.

The night after that, Harry surprises Y/N with dinner (That she usually either skips, or substitutes with dessert food) and they dine on local pasta as they watch one of the channels that only plays cartoon shows all day.

Y/N doesnt mind, though, and she goes home with flour on her face and some warm chocolate chip cookies in her bag

Harry walks into the bakery, no smile on his face or crinkle in his eyes. His face looks rather sad, and Y/N notices his eyes are a rather darker shade of green. She comfortingly wraps her arms around him and Harry tucks his face into her neck, breathing in the sweet scent of her perfume as he sighs contently.

“I messed up.” He says, his voice croaking out at his sad state. Y/Ns pretty sure hes been crying, but she doesnt want to assume anything so she just holds him as he continues.

“They asked me, and I, I shouldve known that they would ask me it because they dont like me.” He says, sniffling, “They say im too out of touch to run, that im too young to know what im talking about.”

Y/N entangles one of her hands in his hair, and his hand in return slides under the fabric of her apron, gripping at the soft cotton of her shirt as he tries to hole himself together.

“Youre one of the most brilliant people I know, Harry.” She tells him. He lets out a shaky breath and she pets at his hair, “Theyre just afraid because youre so successful so young. Theyre jealous, but instead of proving them right, you should prove to them youre just as qualified as anyone else. ”