The guy wants to draw and despite their normalcy, he’s an extremely innovative, nurturing individual

The guy wants to draw and despite their normalcy, he’s an extremely innovative, nurturing individual

Geo is simply an ordinary guy, whilst not-being really chatty. He or she is ready to risk their own lifetime at stake to save/protect his buddies.

For a few peculiar need, despite their incredible power, the guy seemingly have an aversion to fighting, just utilizing their full-power whenever situation positively calls for they.

Powers and performance:

As a person, Geo had become extremely powerful and hard because nails/durable as diamond while versatile, when he previously been carried toward latest market. The guy can get toe-to-toe which includes seasoned Teoran fighters, despite not officially competed in resist. Hence, exactly why he is also known as a “super being”.

However due to showing up having no earlier expertise in varying combating skills or near eliminate experience, this means that Queen Gwain has stated he might be better if the guy fully trains and harnesses their capabilities. This was the reason why she wanted to extinguish his lifetime prematurely if it wasn’t for Ami’s intervention. Merely king Gwain and Luna experience the power important to destroy individuals, including Geo. Thankfully, he is already been lucky enough for both ones to free their existence for now.

Bodily Capabilities:

Due to his peoples biology getting altered into the “” new world “” of Teora, that could posses the law of gravity not as much as Earth’s, the guy can adapt to almost all of Teora’s hostile faunas. After practise thoroughly with Gwain and Marlow, his strength, speed, performance, body weight, and density have increased significantly beyond any/most seasoned Teoran warriors. His primary utilization of their performance in overcome, is actually their rate and durability.

His durability try tremendous, to be able to endure all Gwain’s immediate attacks, and her Execution Beam for longer quantities of energy, on two occasions, and survive getting went more by several practice cars by a full-speed practice, although hurt a broken arm and cuts during the techniques. When he makes use of their full-strength, he is able to perform amazing feats particularly getting a huge galleon cost conveniently, or defeating Tahjin in a single punch, and submit him traveling numerous kilometers out.


At first, the guy appeared to haven’t any earlier fight skills nor experience upon arriving in Teora. Though he’d enormous prospective. His expertise and power became overtime with extensive rigorous knowledge by Gwain and, next e an adept swordsman, getting very skilled together with EXE-Blade. Also, this instruction enabled your to master ideas on how to convert his EXE-Blade into the rifle form, making it a powerful ranged tool.


Geo’s worst weakness was his insufficient wonders. He’s incapable of do just about anything as various other Teorans is capable of doing instance fly, teleport, develop programs or ground for himself, or move. He is apparently conveniently affected by miracle, using immense harm as a result in lieu of barely getting scratched by actual assaults.

Due to his enhanced pounds and thickness, the guy can’t swim, but instead sinks in water. Meaning the guy might feel drowned underwater with little to no to no possibility of drifting support towards the surface, that was until he got the diving match to negate that complications.

Geo tends to perhaps not incorporate his full power unless include dire problems in battles, losing or drawing most fights he may have quickly claimed. It has become even spoken of by Gwain and Luna.


Upon arrival inside world of Teora, their just possessions happened to be the garments on his back, and his backpack, which included their sketchbook. Given that they are generated in the world, how much they weigh improved drastically on Teora (by Teoran expectations).