The text says one to loss of someone close may give rise in order to emotions out-of worthlessness regarding survivor (83-15)

The text says one to loss of someone close may give rise in order to emotions out-of worthlessness regarding survivor (83-15)

We read both the Gurumukhi variation plus the English interpretation from the Expert Granth Sahib observe definitions out-of anxiety from inside the text. The versions were comprehend by all people and you can contemporaneous notes had been taken up meanings out-of depression in the scripture. These types of cards had been up coming pooled together with her. The latest Sikh holy scripture clearly covers depression and you will anxiety (dukh) having fun with of many metaphors (discover Kalra mais aussi al. to own reveal conversation). Whether or not dukh could possibly get refer to bodily serious pain and not anxiety for each se, it can be contended that mind don’t have actual discomfort, and hence dukh right here makes reference to depression. Here, i elaborate into phenomenology off depression as the realized inside the modern terms that has been described regarding Expert Granth Sahib.

Etiological records

While most etiological references in order to anxiety are included in the newest scripture, 1st lead to said is when you to forgets god and implicit in the warning that is the obligations towards Lord. Although not, when one to recalls Goodness, happiness (sukh) instantly relates to that person (813-9). Ketiya dookh bhookh sad maar, ih bhi daat teri daatar (5-13) will likely be practically translated toward real saying towards the Lord that there’s so much discomfort, hunger, and you may discipline globally, but nonetheless speaking of particularly gift ideas of one’s Lord. Which declaration makes reference to anyone lasting stress, deprivation, and you may ongoing punishment, that happen to be experienced gift ideas out of Lord. This emphasis on dukh becoming a present off Lord tends to be among explanations why some people today nonetheless believe rational illness a beneficial curse of Lord and do not look for professional help punctually.

These Passages warn one a person’s head shall be impacted by terrible disease (21-14) for example depression (dukh) (59-12; 813-9) if an individual forgets the latest dear (Lord) for even one minute

What goes toward this new the quantity off stating that those who do not do the identity of your Lord sustain from inside the misery even after death (36-8), if you’re individuals who sing their praises stay static in euphoria forever (sadaa anand) (36-12). Expert Granth Sahib alerts the latest enthusiasts you could take pleasure in carnal pleasures having numerous and you will countless women, and you may signal the newest nine continents around the globe, but without having any correct Expert, one to cannot get a hold of tranquility and mukti and additionally be reincarnated over and over again (p. 26).

Karma is the next etiologically essential requirement which leads to help you despair as per Expert Granth Sahib. Crappy karmic procedures push someone to stand and weep (15-11), when you’re an excellent karma means they are resistant against serious pain (dukh), problem (rog), and anxiety (bhau) (184-3,4), that is sources so you can chodit s heterosexuГЎlem depression.

More causative points to possess despair was basically talked about at individuals items regarding text message. Death of an individual has started especially considering specific pros. They alludes to the fresh illustration of a good widow, just who immediately after losing their partner may suffer during the depression (226-2).

Other noteworthy causes which have been indexed is taunts (fika-bol) (15-14), hypocrisy (pakhand) (28-17), and you can loss of wide range (dhan) (p. 59-14). Ingesting regarding wines causes madness (baral) (554-14) which is characterized by depression, hopelessness (niraasa), contamination of intelligence, restlessness, and heartache, and can end up in all sorts of disorder (rog) (p. 279 and you may 280). What also states around three affairs that will be harmful to the system and you will intellectual peace (24-16; 19-11) and can end up in despair: excess and you can unfulfilled sexual desire (kaam), outrage (krodha), and egotism or pride (ahankaar) (p51). These have started variously referred to as demons (paret) (513-13) and you can injuries of your own soul (jeeah mei chot) (152-11). The text also figures right up from the leading with the a wants and you can love for materialistic something (love of maya) since the cause of all the sickness ultimately causing dukh (909-2).