We have found an example of how i fool around with Olla’s actions

We have found an example of how i fool around with Olla’s actions

I’d always are able to get the testing one to the brand new up-to-date statistics command put otherwise might use when not indicating any Take to

Gaby – ok, go ahead and choose the publication Troubleshooting SQL Machine because of the Kehayias & Kreuger, otherwise view our Developer’s Self-help guide to SQL Server Show video clips group during the

Pick [so].[name] Since the [TableName], –[sch].[name] + ‘.’ + [so].[name] Due to the fact [TableName], [ss].[name] Since [Statistic], [sp].[last_updated] Because the [StatsLastUpdated], [sp].[rows] Once the [RowsInTable], [sp].[rows_sampled] Because [RowsSampled], [sp].[modification_counter] Once the [RowModifications], CAST(a hundred * [sp].[modification_counter] / [sp].[rows] Because Quantitative(18,2)) Since the [PercentChange] , ROUND(CAST(100.0 * sp.modification_avoid / sp.rows Since Decimal(18,2)),2) Due to the fact percentTwo With the #StatsToCheck2 From [sys].[stats] [ss] Sign-up [sys].[objects] [so] Towards [ss].[object_id] = [so].[object_id] Subscribe [sys].[schemas] [sch] On the [so].[schema_id] = [sch].[schema_id] Outside Pertain [sys].[dm_db_stats_properties] ([so].[object_id], [ss].[stats_id]) sp In which [so].[type] = ‘U’ And you will [so].[name] Perhaps not during the (‘TableNotNeedingMaintenance’) And you can ss.Identity Perhaps not Inside the (Discover statname Out of administrator.dbo.statstoskip) –And you will SP.last_updated.5 –And sp.rows>5000000 Purchase By the Bullet(CAST(one hundred.0 * sp.modification_restrict / sp.rows Because Quantitative(18,2)),2) DESC,last_updated

– come across * off #statstocheck2 Use grasp wade claim int lay = 600 — ten occasions = 600 moments restriction to have entire procedure Claim DATETIME; Put = GETDATE(); e’ elizabeth State VARCHAR(200) elizabeth,Statistic of #StatsToCheck2 Unlock c Get Second Of c On , When you are ( = 0 and you may DATEDIFF(Minute, , GETDATE()) 0 ROLLBACK – Increase an error with the information on the fresh new difference State NVARCHAR(4000) , INT

those individuals dining tables where i have to modify the statistics keeps studies chantes (Improve, enter , delete) i dont need to eliminate the vehicle would statistics: just like the other Arrangements should be affected. my final measure is manage a method so you’re able to up-date the new statistics everty 24 hours. Will there be most other option?

Select [so].[name] While the [TableName], –[sch].[name] + ‘.’ + [so].[name] Because the [TableName], [ss].[name] As the [Statistic], [sp].[last_updated] Because [StatsLastUpdated], [sp].[rows] Since the [RowsInTable], [sp].[rows_sampled] Just like the [RowsSampled], [sp].[modification_counter] Since [RowModifications], CAST(100 * [sp].[modification_counter] / [sp].[rows] As Decimal(18,2)) Because [PercentChange] , ROUND(CAST(a hundred.0 * sp.modification_counter / sp.rows As Decimal(18,2)),2) Since percentTwo On #StatsToCheck Regarding [sys].[stats] [ss] Sign-up [sys].[objects] [so] Toward [ss].[object_id] = [so].[object_id] Register [sys].[schemas] [sch] Towards the [so].[schema_id] = [sch].[schema_id] External Pertain [sys].[dm_db_stats_properties] ([so].[object_id], [ss].[stats_id]) sp Where [so].[type] = ‘U’ And [so].[name] Not into the (‘USER_ACTIVITY_LOG’,’OTTS_HISTORY_NEW’,’XML_SERIALIZED_INSTANCE’,’FILE_RECORD’) And you may ss.Title Maybe not From inside the (Pick statname Away from administrator.dbo.statstoskip) –And you may Throw(one hundred * [sp].[modification_counter] / [sp].[rows] Just like the Quantitative(18,2)) >= step 1.00 And you may Round(CAST(100.0 * sp.modification_prevent / sp.rows Given that Decimal(18,2)),2)> xmeets dating.5 And sp.rows>50000 Acquisition By the Bullet(CAST(a hundred.0 * sp.modification_stop / sp.rows While the Quantitative(18,2)),2) DESC,last_up-to-date Use grasp go claim int place = 600 — 10 hours = 600 State DATETIME; Place = GETDATE(); Elizabeth Put = ‘MyDatabase’ elizabeth Claim VARCHAR(200) e,Figure off #StatsToCheck order by [PercentChange] desc, [StatsLastUpdated] Open c Fetch Second Regarding c Towards , When you find yourself ( = 0 and you can DATEDIFF(Minute, , GETDATE()) 0 ROLLBACK – Increase an error toward specifics of the newest exclusion Claim NVARCHAR(4000) , INT

I have to change my analytics pretty much every for many tables, as execution query takes around fifty minutes instead ten Sec there was small dining tables, how can i stop this situation?

Kept it out again. Well from the cursor circle they runs it. We will see if this new remark demons strip it out once again:

Perform master.dbo.IndexOptimize = , = NULL, = NULL, = NULL, = ‘ALL’, = , = ‘Y’, = one hundred, = 7200, = 8, = ‘Y’, = ‘Y’, =step 1

You will find experimented with Ola’s scripts, but may never ever get them to work for me. Your individuals are a lot s. Are a member big date dBA will not help me to receive any greatest.

High post, I’m looking to understand the TABLESAMPLE area. Are you experiencing much more insight on this? How come, I am inquiring is that We pointed out that the newest Hallengren program, is determined to operate because “update analytics TableName indexName… and I am contrasting it using my own software… Inside my software depending on the quantity of rows brand new table provides, We ple, Easily got a dining table one 120M rows, I’d ple 3M rows. My personal way takes additional time than just letting SQL select the testing due to the fact Hallengren do. I attempted to perform the brand new query that you have in the TABLESAMPLE section but didn’t obtain it to get results… Any suggestion?